12 steps

Residents and property owners of San Bernardino can help improve the appearance of our city and make San Bernardino a better place to live. You can help by maintaining your property to meet the 12 standards for effective neighborhood improvement:

  1. Landscape front and visible side yards with trees, shrubs, ground cover, decorative rock, redwood bard and/or lawn.

  2. Maintain your landscape, including regular irrigation, trimming of trees, pruning of shrubs and cutting of lawns.

  3. Keep your property free of overgrown or dead vegetation.

  4. Keep your property free of trash, litter and debris. Also remove any appliances, machinery, equipment, furniture (except for furniture designed for outdoor use), including but not limited to, furniture on porches, balconies, sun decks, and in front yards.

  5. Store and park all operable vehicles, including motor homes, recreational vehicles, trailers, campers or camper shells and boats in a garage, carport or on an improved surface. None of the above vehicles should be occupied.

  6. Keep your property free of inoperable or abandoned vehicles and vehicle parts unless you have them stored safety in a garage or enclosed storage area.

  7. Maintain in good repair all improvements on the property such as garages, carports, porches, gates, fences, doors, windows, roof and gutters. Also, paint or preservatives shall not be worn or cracking.

  8. Walkways on private property, driveways and all improved surfaces shall be maintained in good repair and safe condition. Parking lot striping and handicapped markings shall be maintained in good condition.

  9. Maintain all buildings, structures, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots free of graffiti.

  10. Property shall be free from infestation of termites, insects, vermin or rodents.

  11. Improved property shall be properly connected to a sewage disposal system or sanitary sewer and free from sewage seepage.

  12. Securely fence and adequately maintain all swimming pools.

Once you have taken care of your property you can encourage your neighbors to do the same and offer help when needed. With your efforts and support we can improve the appearance of our city, reduce crime, improve property values, promote pride in our city and improve the overall quality of life in San Bernardino. "TOGETHER WE CAN" make a difference.

For further information on Code Enforcement programs see City municipal code 15.24