City of San Bernardino California


City of San Bernardino Update - February 21, 2024

An Update of City News Presented to the Mayor and City Council by the City Manager's Office at the February 21, 2024, Council Meeting.

Launch of New Mobile Veterinary Clinic Postponed Due to Rain and Cold Weather

Update: Due to the heavy rain and cold weather forecast for Tuesday morning, the ribbon-cutting event will be postponed. Stay tuned for updates on the new date and time for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

City Responds to Pothole Damage Caused by Historic Storm

Over 3,000 potholes have been repaired in the past several days.

Asusena Soren Named as Deputy City Manager

Soren had been serving as the City's Human Resources Director.

Court Appoints Receiver to Oversee Former American Sports University Dormitory

Receiver empowered to rehabilitate, demolish, or sell property due to ongoing inaction by the owner.

City Receives $1 Million Grant from San Manuel for Lytle Creek Park

Funds will be used for improvements to the community center, gazebo, and picnic shelter.

City Receives $125,000 Grant to Provide Free Care for Pets

Funds will be used to help residents pay for care, including spay and neutering, at participating veterinarians through a voucher program.

San Bernardino Planning for the Revitalization of Its Downtown

The City Council will be considering a series of initiatives to expand economic activity, job creation, and investment.

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