Image of the Semi-Tropic Land and Water Co. on Riverside Avenue
Semi-Tropic Land and Water Co. on Riverside Avenue, Rialto, 1897

In 1887 the Semi-Tropic Land and Water Company was organized, and the townsites of Rialto, Bloomington, Sansevaine and Fontana were laid out upon the tract. A very large sum of money was spent securing water from Lytle Creek by means of an open cemented ditch some six miles long, and the company mortgaged its holdings to the San Francisco Savings Union. The San Francisco firm foreclosed on the Semi-Tropic, and disposed of its holdings to two other corporations.

Part of the Semi-Tropic land was sold to the "Kansas Colony," which was also unable to pay for the land. However, a number of individual members retained their lands, and became early settlers in Rialto. During 1887- 88 the townsite of Rialto was laid out, and a syndicate built a large hotel, pictured below.

Image of the Rialto Hotel in 1910
Rialto Hotel, 1910

Rialto developed into one of the attractive "fruit colonies" of San Bernardino County. A school district was formed in 1892, churches and irrigation districts organized.

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