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he passing into history of a century of progress is an event that should not be lightly considered or noticed, and in presenting to the people of San Bernardino County and to the world at large, as faithfully as pen and camera can portray, the record of a century of progress in this beautiful Valley of Plenty, one of the most favored spots on God's green footstool, we believe The Evening Index can feel justly proud of its efforts.

The final issuance of this volume has been delayed much longer than was anticipated when the work was commenced, owing to the demands for space and representation from different sections of the county, but it was deemed better to delay the work and make it complete than to slight it in any manner or leave out any section of San Bernardino County that desired to be represented. It would have been almost criminal otherwise.

And right here we want to express our appreciation to the men of this city and particularly the surrounding towns who by their liberal subscriptions to its space have made this volume possible.

Our appreciation is also due to the men of the Index force, who have labored unceasingly day and night for the past two months in preparing and executing this stupendous work.

And it was no light task either, as will be seen by a glance at the figures. To print this volume of 128 pages and cover-12,500 copies, required over 100,000 sheets of 24x36 inch calendared book paper---over 10,000 pounds. It required over 200,000 impressions of the Index's new Whitlock press, besides 37,500 impressions more for the colored cover. And we might mention here in passing that all the work of this edition, including printing the colored cover pages, but excepting making the cuts, was done in the Index office, and we are just a little proud of it. Never before in the history of this city has such a work been attempted, as it can only be done by superior skilled workmen and in a printing office equipped with the very latest and best in the printer's art, as is The Evening Index establishment.

There are more things to admire in the San Bernardino Valley now than there were a hundred, fifty, twenty, or even five years ago, and the future, if we judge it by the past, especially the more recent years, has things in store for us who are here to enjoy them, that we little dream of at the present time.

The events of the world and the development of its resources are moving more rapidly each year, and we, the favored ones of earth, by reason of our dwelling in this Paradise, should and will avail ourselves of the opportunities that lie at our doors.

And now we commend to you, dear reader, the study of this volume, and in it the study of the richest and greatest valley in this broad country of ours. Read of its resources and opportunities, read about the men who have made the past century's history and who have, helped make the San Bernardino Valley what it is today.

If you are not a resident, read it carefully and thoughfully [sic] and take what you find herein recorded as truth. Come and investigate for yourself, for when you do you will quickly conclude to avail yourself of some of the many opportunities here to be had, and thus add one more family to the contented residents who will fill this Valley of Plenty during the next few years with double or treble its present population.

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