Precious Gems

Precious Gems of San Bernardino County

Decorative T Logo Used to Start a Sentencehe extreme portion of Southern California, consisting of San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego County, has of late years acquired distinction as a unique corner of the earth. For a decade or more world celebrated travelers, men of letters and persons eminent in the various walks of life, have united in praise of its unequaled climate, its unusual scenic attractions and rare economic possibilities, a land of incomparable fertility, abounding in fruit and flowers, grain and fat beeves, a veritable Canaan in America.

Although these mountain ranges have been familiar to mining men for over thirty years, few of them possessed the art and knowledge of searching for gems as these crystalized [sic] forms seem to have been regarded as an unknown field of effort, but of late years men possessed of the knowledge have come into the field and have added another pearl to this country's claim of unmatched possessions, in the production of the precious stones which are found in brilliant array, these blossoms of the inorganic world.

Here are found Beryl, bright as the sun, and the lovely Hyacinth in dazzling sheens and Topaz of varied hues, as exquisite in color as the famed jewels in the temp]e of Hercules. Here is the home of the wonderful Tourmaline family, with its soft yet varied hues. Then in close company are the Zircons that flame like fire and an occasional Sapphire and Spinel Ruby, also the Turquoise with its heavenly blue. In addition to these historically famous stones, is a new gem, distinct unto this region, the Kunzite, found nowhere else except in the vicinity of Pala, San Diego county. Each of these above mentioned gems seems to have selected a certain corner or nook of this genial South Land as it's favorite abiding place. For instance, the Tourmaline at Mesa Grande, Hyacinth at Das Cabezos, Opals at Hinkley, Kunzite at Pala. Few people not already closely associated with the mining world have kept pace with the ever rapid increasing industry, but few of the Southern California towns are not already possessed of from one to ten Lapidary establishments. It is also an interesting bit of news and one that is at times lost sight of that Southern California has been awarded the Gold Medal and Grand Prize for it's gem displays at every exposition of any note since 1893. Following is a list of medals awarded: St. Louis, 1904; Buffalo, 1906; Portland, 1906; Jamestown, 1908; Seattle, 1909.

Records Broken by San Bernardino
Image of a Busy Prospector is Continually Scratching the Rocks for Gold and Gems
The Busy Prospector is Continually Scratching the Rocks for Gold and Gems

San Bernardino County is the largest county in the state and in the country, its area comprising 20,160 square miles.

The city of San Bernardino owns the largest artesian well in the country, flowing 3,000,000 gallons every 24 hours.

More, longer and heavier trains carrying fresh fruit are made up and sent out of San Bernardino than out of any other shipping port in the world.

San Bernardino County, on its cultivated area, supports more persons per square mile than any other rural district in the country.

San Bernardino County makes a given quantity of water go farther and produce better results in irrigation than any other irrigated district in the country.

The city of San Bernardino has the best and largest water supply of any city of twice its size in the state.

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