Administrative Services

Administrative Services is a division of the City of San Bernardino that encompasses the three departments that primarily serve City Employees. These departments are Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology.
  • Finance & Management Services
    Finance & Management Services is responsible for the City's financial planning (budgeting); accounting of the City's resources; fair and accurate reporting of the City's financial position; management and control of all of the City's financial activities; and the management of the business registration division. Additionally, the Finance Department provides data and analysis to assist the City Manager, Mayor, and City Council in formulating policies.

  • Human Resources & Risk Management
    Services provided by the Human Resources & Risk Management Department include recruitments; administration of employee benefits; wage and position surveys; tuition reimbursement program; negotiations with bargaining units; and, oversees supervision of Risk Management functions (Workers' Compensation and Liability).

  • Information Technology
    Information Technology (IT) is an internal service department that serves the information technology needs of the City's departments. IT is responsible for enterprise-wide communication and information technology services.