Important Business Regulations


Advertising pamphlets may be distributed in the City after a Business Registration Certificate has been obtained. No pamphlets may be placed on a utility pole, in or on any motor vehicle or in a mailbox, mail slot, or receptacle. Pamphlets may be distributed if postage is paid and delivery is made by the U.S. Postal Service.


Each person who is acting as a solicitor, as defined by Title 5 of the San Bernardino Municipal Code, shall obtain a Business Registration Certificate. The fee for which shall be set from time to time by Resolution of the Mayor and City Council.

In addition, each solicitor must obtain an identification and registration card from the City Police Department for which a fee must be paid. Contact the Police Department at (909) 384-5742 for scheduled processing times and fee information.


Charitable nonprofit organizations are required to file for an exemption from the necessity of obtaining a Business Registration Certificate before they can solicit for funds in the City of San Bernardino.

The exemption is applied for with the Business Registration Division. In order for a charitable nonprofit organization to qualify for an Exemption Certificate, the organization must provide three specific documents in the applying organization's name. These documents include a current letter from both the United States Internal Revenue Service and the State of California Franchise Tax Board which designate the organization as tax exempt, and a copy of the nonprofit organization's California Articles of Incorporation.


All day care facilities must be licensed with the State of California, State Day Care Licensing (909) 782-4200. A City of San Bernardino Business Registration Certificate is required for commercial daycare facilities. Large and small family day care are nor required to maintain a Business Registration Certificate.


To process a change of business address, an approved Zoning Verification Review must be submitted to the Community and Economic Development Department's Planning Division at (909) 384-5057.


The City of San Bernardino has a sign ordinance. The display of advertising flags and banners requires a permit. If you plan to install a new sign, or make changes in a sign which has been installed previously, please contact the Community and Economic Development Department's Planning Division at (909) 384-5057.