Burglary Investigation on January 18th, 2023

Burglary Investigation on January 18th, 2023
Posted on Jan 19, 2023
On Wednesday, January 18th, the Southern District Resource Team conducted a follow-up investigation
into several recent commercial burglaries at businesses bordering the Santa Ana riverbed. Believing the
crimes were being committed by transients camping in the riverbed, the team deployed on foot in
search of evidence from the crimes.
A sizeable transient encampment was located, and several high-value items were found in plain view.
These items consisted of Milwaukee drills, Stihl chainsaws, concrete saws, and hydraulic cutting tools. In
addition, a large quantity of new and used construction equipment was found and taken as safekeeping
until investigators could identify the rightful owners. Finally, officers located over a dozen laptops, cell
phones, iPads, and point-of-sale devices believed stolen during recent commercial burglaries. The
victims of the burglaries were identified, and their property was returned.
Overall, the estimated amount recovered was over $10,000. In total, three subjects were arrested on
felony charges.
The camps have been reported to San Bernardino County Public Works to be cleaned in the upcoming
days. Additional follow-up investigations will be conducted with the assistance of the District Crimes
Detectives and Crime Analysis Unit. Anyone with information regarding the stolen property can contact
Sergeant Anna McKenna at (909) 384-4885. The criminal cases will be forwarded to the San Bernardino
County District Attorney’s Office for filing.